Get paid to share your expertise! No matter your specialist area, Career Stepladder can offer you access to eager learners. Build your own curriculum, enlist our help in refining and marketing it, and start earning.

Why teach with Career Stepladder

Access to a growing global audience on our EdTech platform


Small class sizes of eager learners (Max 10 persons)


Take home 70% of all earnings


Consult Career Stepladder support staff and access resources on course content & best practices


Set your own course fees & schedule


Earn extra for 5-star ratings

What can I teach?

Whatever you’re good at, but more importantly - whatever you can make people GREAT at! We’re looking for qualified industry professionals, experienced employees, coaches and managers, anyone with applicable knowledge to share and a passion for helping others grow their skills.

Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur with pro tips to starting a business, or maybe you’re a designer, a creative writer, a tech-whiz, a programmer. Or you could be an HR professional, marketing pro, journalist, photographer, or an SEO guru! Whatever your specialty, Career Stepladder can help refine your course, provide advice, bring it before an eager class, and monetise your knowledge.

How to start teaching on Career Stepladder

Tell us your idea

Get in touch with us and let us know your course idea and experience level. Let us know how you would share your knowledge and build your students’ skills over a 10 session course. It doesn’t have to be perfect yet, but a strong idea of ‘how’ always helps.

Perfect your curriculum

Plan your curriculum & prepare your materials for an approximate 10 session course. Take advantage of our resources, and consult in detail with our support staff who can help refine your course content and schedule.

Start teaching

You’ve brought your knowledge, now we’ll bring you our audience! We’ll advertise your course and allow students to enroll easily. Then, there’s nothing left to do but teach, share, inspire and empower. Once your course has been completed, it’s time to get paid. Then, you can simply start over and earn again.

Ready to start teaching?

Get in touch, share your ideas with us, and monetize your knowledge.

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