Cancellation and refund policy

The User agreed and confirms that he shall make full payment for availing of the Web Services and the Digital Learning Services at the time of registration on the platform of the Web Services.

The User may cancel his membership to the Web Services at any time. The User agrees and confirms that in no event shall a refund, either in part or in full, be made once the payment for the Digital Learning Services has been made. Without prejudice to the above, the User agrees and confirms that his lack of usage or dissatisfaction with the Web Services and / or the Digital Learning Services shall not, in any manner whatsoever, constitute a ground for refund of fee.

If the Digital Learning Services includes a trial period for any of the Courses, such a trial window shall be made available only after the User provides his financial information for payment of fees on the registration page. Upon the expiry of the trial window, the fee for the Course opted for by the User shall automatically be charged unless the User withdraws his membership on the platform of the Web Services.