What is Career Stepladder and why should you take our online classes ?

Career Stepladder is a professional skills e-learning platform with a difference. What is that difference? Well, all of our classes take place LIVE online — no pre-recorded content which comes with no accountability or personal engagement. You see, we believe that by learning live from an expert in the company of other driven, curious individuals like you, you’ll get way more benefits from your e-learning experience.

At a glance: What does Career Stepladder do and who is it for?

In short, Career Stepladder’s virtual learning platform hosts an ever-growing range of live online courses, delivered by experienced pros, industry leaders and decorated teachers.

We’ve got courses for any adult student or working professional who wishes to build their skillset. Whether you’re currently out of work and striving to get back in the game, unhappy in your current profession and aiming to change course, or a high-performing professional who wants to get even better, there’s a course for you on Career Stepladder.

What’s our mission?

Career Stepladder’s mission is to empower you with the skills you need to thrive in the modern working environment, which is evolving and transforming at a rapid rate.

The old ways of slowly evolving on the job are growing outdated as the most sought-after professional skills shift almost every year. Now, job requirements are more demanding than ever and skills gaps are opening up across every industry. The UK government’s Industrial Strategy Council has predicted massive skills shortages in the economy by 2030, while in the US, 80% of employers struggle to fill job openings because of skills gaps.

To get ahead these days, everyone from junior employee to executive has to be on the lookout for ways to upskill, to add more strings to their bow. Sure, you could argue that employers are simply too demanding these days, looking for staff with talents outside of their normal remit. That argument isn’t going to change reality though.

However, there’s a positive side to all this — opportunity. The professional with a wider skill set gets ahead because they’re, well... more highly skilled.

That’s why we’re here with our online classes. Career Stepladder an e-learning platform that wants you to take control of your life, to climb onto and up the ladder, and to remain at the top. That’s the power of online courses, the power of upskilling.

But why should you study with Career Stepladder?

A fair question, with a lot of strong answers, but let’s focus on four things that set Career Stepladder apart: Live learning, professional connections, real-world confidence, and affordability.

LIVE online classes are better than pre-recorded classes

There are thousands of online learning platforms offering pre-recorded sessions which you can study in your own time. One advantage that these do admittedly offer, is that you can do them in your own time, but this isn’t quite as advantageous as it sounds. Here’s why: Over 90% of registrants don’t actually complete pre-recorded online courses! The reason here is, more often not, a lack of accountability. If there's no actual teacher interacting with and mentoring you, and no other learners to connect with, what’s encouraging you to keep going? Not much, in truth.

But by having a LIVE class in which you can get to know your fellow learners and your teacher, a course in which you can feel seen, you’re much more likely to reap the benefits on offer.

On top of this, in a live online course you can ask questions, find solutions to problems, and enjoy a much more collaborative experience. Simply put, live learning content is better than pre-recorded content.

Professional connections & networking

If you take a Career Stepladder course on any given subject, say computer programming, you’ll be learning from a seasoned programmer alongside other hungry, ambitious professionals (Usually in a small class of 10 people).

The potential for professional networking with live classes is huge, whereas it’s quite non-existent with solo online learning. Not only will you improve your own skills, you may find the next great opportunity right there in your class

Confidence & job-readiness

All Career Stepladder online courses guide you step by step through the material while employing a balance of theory and practical assignments. Neither theory nor practise works effectively without the other. That’s why our teachers and trainers carefully design curricula which leverage both. The result is that by the end of the course you’ll feel much more confident in your newly-developed skills. So confident that you’ll be able to apply them to a real-world scenario from the off. We don’t deal in crash courses which overload you with information that’s hard to apply. Nor do we deal only in practical work with no real-world context.

On top of this, your completion of a course comes with a certificate to prove that you’ve upskilled or re-skilled in that area. Any potential employer will be impressed by this kind of self-starting attitude and application. In short, they’ll be as confident in you as you’ll be in yourself.


We believe that upskilling and education should be available for everybody who wants it, not simply those who can afford it to spend hundreds or thousands of Pounds (or Dollars, or Euros, or whatever currency you deal in). That’s why our courses are affordable, starting at approximately £40 per course. That works out at just about £4 per lesson! On top of that, there’s a 100% money back guarantee up to and including 2 lessons, if you realize that it’s not the right course for you.

However, don’t confuse low prices with low quality. Our trainers and teachers are reputed in their fields. In fact you can check out their profiles before enrolling! They’re also paid well, able to make good money from many paying learners at once, rather than just a single student. Essentially, the buyer (i.e. you) is able to split the cost of the teacher’s expertise and time with their fellow learners!

Ready to take more control of your future? Ready to upskill? Ready to level up? Have a look at our growing selection of live online courses.