On August 26, 2021, Career Stepladder hosted the first of its series of ongoing webinars led by course trainers. Surya Narayan Saha — insurance industry professional, blockchain expert, author, and Career Stepladder trainer — led the webinar, which drew an audience from around the globe, with representation from The UK, The USA, India, Ireland and South Africa.

The theme of the 90 minute webinar was Blockchain Demystified: The Potential for Blockchain To Transform Our Economy. During the course of the evening, Surya calmly took the audience through a thorough and relatable explanation of what Blockchain really is from a tech perspective, and how it works, before shining a light on its functionalities and uses for the world at large.

The key takeaway for the audience was that blockchain is much more than just a platform for digital currency, but a means to safer and more secure digital transactions. By using Blockchain networks at large, we can ensure our online actions are incorruptible.

Some of the touchpoints of note from the webinar were:

  • The Tech Revolution at a glance.
  • What is Blockchain? What is Cryptocurrency? How do these differ?
  • The true value of Blockchain: The innovative tech that underlies it, and the potential uses of this tech.
  • Robotics, data management, cloud infrastructure, cloud security, data and info transfer on the IoT, how Blockchain is the backbone of these, and how it can enable safer storage and transactions.
  • Blockchain’s role in the democratization of wealth —revolutionizing the ripoff remittance industry and making funds more easily (and affordably) transferred.
  • Protecting our rights through immutable records (land titles on blockchain for example).
  • Protecting privacy - we create data on a daily basis, sometimes even unknowingly, which can be protected by Blockchain.
  • Ensuring compensation for creators (musicians etc).
  • Blockchain’s role in the halcyon age of entrepreneurship.
  • Reinventing government & democracy — electoral system security via Blockchain.

Rather than focusing merely on theories and principles, Surya was able to showcase real-world case studies to back up his teaching — something which is crucial when delivering a webinar to an audience of mixed Blockchain experience.

On top of the insight gained at the webinar, those in attendance were also able to gain a 10% discount for any Career Stepladder course simply by using the discount code shared on the screen.

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About Surya Narayan Saha:

Surya Narayan Saha is an insurance professional with deep expertise in Blockchain and Fintech. He is the author of “The Digital Choices”, a book focused on digital transformation and how organizations journey through a digitally driven strategy.

In addition to this, Surya is the steering committee member of the Europe India Centre for Business Industry. Surya is also the Member of the Board of the Hope Foundation, Ireland, where he is working towards blockchain implementation for social transformation in Kolkata. Lastly, he is an ex-fellow of The Royal Society of Arts – London. Academically, Surya is currently pursuing his PhD in Enterprise Blockchain, researching blockchain based business models to revamp the insurance claims process in order to improve Return on Investment (RoI) and process efficiency. Prior to this, he completed his MSc in business excellence from the University of Warwick, United Kingdom specializing in process improvements and Six Sigma.