Career Stepladder & Diversity: Why It Matters

Diversity has become a hot button topic over the last decade or so, and in truth, it’s become a buzzword for companies and organisations who want to make the right impression.

Some have gone the right way about implementing diversity in the workplace and in their everyday culture in the right way. Others, frankly, have used the concept for their own gains.

But to us at Career Stepladder, diversity really does matter. Here’s why:

We’re from all over. The people who built (and continue to build) this company come from different cultures, races, genders, religious faiths and professional backgrounds.

At this point, Career Stepladder has people on board based in Asia, Africa, Europe, the UK and North America. Our parent company meanwhile hails from the USA, and has offices in the UK, Ireland, France, Austria, Germany and the UAE, as well as development centres in Bangalore and Gurugram in India.

It takes a global village to make this work, and we want to make our offerings accessible for people no matter who, what or where they are. Together, we believe we can build a global community from which every stakeholder, be they student, teacher, or company employee, can reap the benefits and be empowered. That’s why we built Career Stepladder after all.

Implementing Diversity at Career Stepladder

Our teacher & trainer pool

We don’t, nor will we ever, discriminate on the country, culture, gender or faith of our teachers (or trainers, as some like to be called). You see it’s all about learning here, and diversity helps us all gain new ideas and experiences. It allows people to learn from each other and communicate with individuals they may never have been around. More diversity leads to more options, more open-mindedness, and better problem-solving.

At Career Stepladder, we demand only expertise and passion for sharing from our prospective teachers. That, and a strong command of the English language for the time being, since English is our working language, our common tongue. But who knows, maybe we’ll get to a point where we can offer more courses in more languages for more people. The sky’s the limit here.

At present, we have trainers delivering courses from the UK, from India, from the UAE, from Italy, from the USA, Cloumbia and plenty more countries. We’re confident that soon our teaching map will cover many more corners of the globe, and we’ll be proud of each and every one of them.

Our learner diversity

No matter where you’re based, you’ll be made to feel welcome on our courses. On top of this, we don’t segregate or organise learning groups according to culture, race, gender or anything arbitrary like this (though time zones can influence class make-up). This means that you could find yourself growing alongside people from all over the world, learning richly about them and finding common ground, working towards a common goal. There’s something powerful in that.

Our course selection

This is another consideration we make when building up our growing selection of courses. How can we appeal to people from all over the world? How can we bring together cultures, faiths and racial backgrounds? Most importantly, how can we offer as much value for a junior employee in Europe as we can for a department head in Asia?

The simple answer is to host as many truly valuable e-learning courses with tangible benefits as we can, with teachers from all over. That’s why we focus as much on a course in photography or hospitality management as we do on an online class in Python coding. That’s why we have courses for creatives, financiers, technicians, productivity seekers and self-improvement searchers.

It’s all about empowering you, whoever you are, wherever you’re from, and whatever you dream of.

That’s why diversity matters.

Ready to take more control of your future? Ready to upskill? Ready to level up? Have a look at our growing selection of live online courses.