If you are a trainer, career coach, subject matter expert, content provider or a service provider in the area of digital skills and digital transformation, here is an opportunity to offer your services and expand your network through the Career Stepladder platform.

Career Stepladder will help evaluate, contextualize and market your offering to reach a worldwide audience and secure meaningful application of your content.

While almost all enterprises, including the government have started to Go Digital, there is still a gap at the people level with a shortage of 800,000 tech jobs predicted in 2020. Play a part in bridging this skills gap, use our platform to coach:

  • We provide rich, animated content for you to train effectively
  • We conduct frequent “trainer buddy” programs to get you familiar with platform needs
  • We encourage learner feedback, articles and contributions on the platform to make you a sought-after trainer
  • We connect you to our growing community of learners, trainers, coaches, subject matter experts and institutions
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